Systrex®/ Nutrient (Triadimefon & Fertilizer)

Systrex bottle

A broad-spectrum systemic fungicide/ micronutrient solution for the treatment and reinvigoration of trees declining due to abiotic and disease-related causes. Systrex/Nutrient contains Bayleton fungicide from Bayer AG and a fertilizer solution including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This formulation has proven effective for the suppression of fungi such as Fusarium spp. and the control of other […]

ALSA® Propiconazole 14.3

ALSA bottle

A systemic Fungicide for control of selected diseases in annual and ornamental plants and flare root injection treatments for certain tree diseases. [LABEL] [MSDS]Full Case = $580Quarter Case = $145 *Full Case = 100 Microinjection Units*Quarter Case = 25 Microinjection Units8