Our Staff

Bill Pollock

Bill started working with trees when he was 9 (he likes white oaks) and loves it because, as he says, it’s loud, legal, and puts food on the table! The best piece of equipment is a good groundsman, but he’d also be lost without Onstar. Best view? Overlooking Long Island Sound from the top of a hundred-foot oak. He wishes someone would invent a robot dog to climb trees and help retrieve cats safely. He’s a big fan of lamb chops, coffee, and the Bible, and uses his spare time to split wood, canoe, and go running.

Joslyn Pollock

Joslyn says someone should have warned her to fasten her seatbelt when she started on this journey with Bill! With management skills honed while working for her brothers business, but no prior treecare knowledge, she jumped in with both feet to start Arbor Services with Bill. Her favorite tree is a Kousa Dogwood and the best piece of equipment is her computer with four screens. A good day is when both cats and the dog come in the office and provide a distraction from paperwork. She enjoys working with each employee and observing how their individual talents make a collectively awesome and safe team of arborist and plant health care professionals. Her favorite drink is coffee and if she could change one thing in the world it would be to encourage us all to be kinder in our approach towards our fellow man.

Stephen Banffy

Stephen’s favorite part of tree care is the prime view of New England’s 4 seasons. He likes red oaks as long as they don’t have raccoons in them, and says the best view is from the top of the tree you’re in. As a Certified Tree Safety Professional (CTSP) and company safety director, a good day for him is when everyone works safely. Ideal invention? A boat with chipper and chip box, to save carrying brush up the stairs when working on the water. His go-to cocktail is Grey Goose® & NOS – a “Nitro Goose”, which he pairs with Chicken Paprikash. In his spare time, he loves to golf, play and coach hockey, and hang at home with his family.

William C. Brague IV

William, or as we call him, Bill, enjoys working outside and caring for trees (white oaks are his favorite) – he works on the tree crew and is also a CT-NOFA certified organic land-care professional. A John Deere® tractor and a Toro Dingo® make his life a lot easier, and a good day on the job is when everyone works together and he gets to learn something new. The best view, according to him, is overlooking Candlewood Lake from the bucket truck, and in his spare time, he likes salt water fishing, Vitamin Water®, and a good rib-eye.

Will Ceperley

Will saw his father working on trees while he was growing up, and has been always been interested in this line of work, even when a squirrel almost jumped on him as he was felling the tree it was in. He wants to know why exactly George Washington chopped down the cherry tree, and his ideal invention would be a tree-climbing monkey with chainsaw training. White oaks are his favorite, and the best view is from the top of a lakeside tree. He enjoys Nesquik® chocolate milk and beef jerky, and in his spare time likes to hunt and fish.

Tom Lappala

Tom can’t be chained to a desk all day! A former Eagle Scout, he loves being a plant health-care technician, and finds improving the health and vigor of diseased or ailing trees to be fulfilling. He enjoys using his Minnesota Wanner spray truck, and finds the challenge of teamwork to be energizing. A good day for him includes plenty of coffee, and Bill Brague’s roast beef. He would like to implement a 4-day weekend with a 6-day work week, which would give him more time to work on his Christmas Tree farm or go fishing.

Nicholas Shamansky

Nick grew up watching his father logging, and thought climbing would be cool. He likes white oaks, and once had to coax a family of raccoons out of a hollow log. His ideal invention would be a robot yard-raker. A good day is when he gets to use the Branch Manager®, and he enjoys the challenge of teamwork because it keeps things interesting. The best view is from the top of a crane boom, when you can see above all the trees. When he has time off, he likes hunting, target practice, drinking a Shipyard ale, and barbecuing.

Chris Tompkins

Chris started working in treecare as a complete change of career after working for a lawn company. The most memorable job was when an angry ostrich attacked his spraytruck. He enjoys having the opportunity to work on some of the most exclusive estates in the area, especially ones with a view of the Hudson River. His favorite trees are Hemlocks and White Oaks, and he appreciates having coworkers whose work ethic and professionalism can weather a changing environment. His most valuable piece of equipment is a multi-tanked spraytruck, followed closely by a Morbark chipper. His preferred food is venison and his favorite truck is a Chevy Silverado HD. In his spare time, he enjoys riding Harleys, hunting, and fishing. On his way to work, he thinks “where should I stop for breakfast?”